Green Fingers

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In the first half of the summer term, we will be exploring the fascinating world of plants through our Green Fingers topic. We will be finding out all about what makes plants grow, how we can grow our own plants and the many different way plants are used.

Blog Challenge: Can you find out what plants you have in your garden?

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World Book Day!

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The blog has been away for a while but now it’s back to share news of Willow’s learning and exciting events.

Last Thursday, we all had a great time to celebrate World Book Day! We wrote some wonderful descriptions of the revolting Mr Twit and created some disgusting menus for the despicable Mrs Twit. It was great to see the children make such as amazing effort to dress up for the day, and thanks to parents who clearly spent a lot of time helping the children to choose and even make some incredible outfits. It was a tough job but Mrs Page and I were asked to choose the best outfit, and after much deliberation we decided that Poppy’s Violet Beauregarde creation deserved the class prize. Well done, Poppy (and parents!)

Blog Challenge: What words would you use to describe Mr Twit?

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A little visitor???

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Someone has been making mischief in Willow Class this week and it isn’t one of the children (nor me for that matter!) There has been silly soap sprayed on our window and raisins poured all over one of our tables. Some children have suggested it could be a mischievous elf but others are not convinced. I took a picture of the classroom last night and caught something mysterious lurking. Can you see the elf?



Blog Challenge: What do you think our little visitor wants?

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Thoughtful Tuesday

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Today is Thoughtful Tuesday and in Willow Class we have answered the question; ‘How have people been helpful to you?’ The children seem to be grateful for lots of things their families do to help them and it is clear they all have very helpful family members.

Blog Question: Who would you like to say a special ‘thank you’ to?

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Week of Gratitude

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This week at Green Lane, we are celebrating gratitude. Yesterday, it was Memory Monday and in Willow Class we wrote all about a special memory. Some of the children recalled a special event such as a birthday party, whereas others wrote about the first time they met their favourite pet.

Toni, Jake, Max, Isabelle, Siyana and Elsie shared tehir specia memories withl Mrs Prince on Monday.

Toni, Jake, Max, Isabelle, Siyana and Elsie shared their special memories with Mrs Prince on Monday.

Blog Challenge: What was your special memory?

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Aurora Borealis

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This week in Willow Class we have been learning about the Aurora Borealis, (or the Northern Lights) which is a spectacularly colourful light show visible in the night skies of Lapland. Using soft oil pastels, the children have created their own pictures of the Aurora and the results have been magnificent. Take a look at the photographs below and see for yourself.

DSCF9453 DSCF9454DSCF9455
Blog Challenge: If you were going on a journey in search of the Aurora Borealis, what would you pack in your rucksack?


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Our Finnish Friend Gunnar

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This week we have been finding out all about a little boy from Lapland in Finland called Gunnar. In our first week back we wrote a letter to Gunnar and his family, asking them all about their life in the arctic. Amazingly, this week we had a reply and we found out lots of information about them.

Next week we will be creating some ‘published’ pieces of writing about Gunnar’s life in Lapland, so watch this space.

If you are very lucky, you can sometimes see the Northern Lights from Lapland.

Blog Challenge: What interesting facts did you learn about Gunnar and his family this week?

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Winter Wonderland

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This half-term’s topic is Winter Wonderland and this week Willow Class have been busy finding out all about what makes some countries in the world cold.

DSCF9432 DSCF9431

The children have learnt that it is all to do with an imaginary line called the equator that runs right around the centre of the earth. Countries that are close to the equator are hot but those furthest from it are much colder.

Blog Challenge: Can you think of any countries in the world that are cold?

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Inter-school Multi-Skills

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After school today, a number of children from Willow Class took part in the Key Stage 1 Inter-School Multi-skills competition. Everyone tried really hard and had a go at a variety of events. Taking part in sport is such a great way to keep fit and have fun doing it. Well done guys!

DSCF9403 DSCF9402 DSCF9399 DSCF9398


Blog Question: What sports do you enjoy taking part in?

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Democracy in Action!

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Today, as part of our British Values Week, we have been learning all about the meaning of democracy. Democracy is an important British value which gives every adult a say in how our country is run. We explored why the Houses of Parliament is such a significant place and looked at how the MPs that work there represent our communities.

Willow Class was also a hub of democracy this afternoon, as we voted for our School Councillors. After a close vote, the class duly elected Hannah Truscott and Jake Smith to take up this very important role. I’m sure they’ll do an awesome job and will represent the class brilliantly. Well done, Hannah and Jake!


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