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Posted by brakefieldm on Sunday Oct 4, 2015 Under Fun Stuff, Health

Last week, we found out all about healthy lifestyles when a chef from Chartwells catering company visited the Academy. He was very impressed with our knowledge of food and our ability to identify a variety of fruits, vegetables and even spices, such as peppers and ginger.

DSCF8259  DSCF8260

We discovered that we should all be eating at least 5 portions of fruit and veg each day, and as Jake showed us, each portion should fill your hand. Mr Brakefield helped the chef make a stir fry with Quorn and lots of tasty vegetables, and we even got to sample some back in the classroom. It was delicious!

After the event, we’ll all be making sure we have our 5 a day and that we get regular exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy.


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