British Values Week

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This week is British Values Week and to kick off the week, Willow Class will be taking part in the democratic process by voting for two School Councillors. The role of School Councillor comes with a lot of responsibility and the children will be looking for someone they can rely upon to do a good job. This will be the first year the current Year 2s have had the opportunity to become a School Councillor which shows just how grown-up and responsible they are becoming. I’m looking forward to finding out who they vote for!

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A Magna-ificent day!

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Wow! What a magnificent day Willow Class had at Magna today! There were so many exciting exhibits it’s difficult to choose a favourite. From the swirling fire tornado to the splashy water canons, it was all such great fun.

Blog Question: What was your favourite part of the day?


Look at all the exciting things we got up to...

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Let the adventure begin!

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In just over a day we will be setting off for our long-awaited trip to Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. We will be exploring all four earthly elements, getting hands on with science. It is sure to be a fun-packed day of learning like no other.

Blog Question: What are you most looking forward to about our trip to Magna?

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During the last few weeks we’ve had a little bit of trouble adding photographs to our blog but now it’s fixed, so Willow’s World of Wonder is back and ready to keep you up to date with all our amazing learning! Keep checking back for updates and our regular blog questions.

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Roald Dahl Day

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A hundred years ago today, Roald Dahl was born near Cardiff in Wales. He was to become one of the most popular children’s authors ever and we continue to enjoy his books in Willow Class.

Inspired by his book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children designed scrumptious chocolate bars. Here are just a few examples.



James’ design is a Fizzy Whizzy Bar, which has popping candy inside. It feels like an explosion in your mouth.



Millie’s bar is called a Squishy Bar. It is strawberry flavoured and has sprinkles on top.

Millie’s bar is called a Squishy Bar. It is strawberry flavoured and has sprinkles on top.  

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Uses of everyday materials

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In Science this term we will be exploring the uses of everyday materials; why particular materials are chosen to serve a specific purpose and how we can change materials in a number of different ways. This afternoon, we created a materials collage, using a variety of materials. See if you can spot the materials we used.



Blog Challenge: Which materials were used to make the device you are reading this blog on?

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Earthly Elements

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This term our topic is Earthly Elements. We will explore water, fire, air and earth in many different ways, through every subject.

Blog Challenge: What would you like to find out about our topic?

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Welcome to Willow Class’ World of Wonder!

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Created with Padlet
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Our little visitors…

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Today we welcomed some very tiny and rather furry visitors to Willow Class! Our caterpillars came in a small pot with all the food they’ll need before the begin their metamorphosis into beautiful flutter of butterflies. Tomorrow we are going to name our butterflies after a vote. I can hardly wait to find out what names the children will choose!

Blog Question: What would you like to call our caterpillars?


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30 Days Wild

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Today is significant for many reasons; it’s the first day of June, meteorologists consider it to be the first day of summer (though it doesn’t feel like it!) and it’s the start of 30 Days Wild, a month long campaign to get people out into the wild. So what did you do today? Amongst all the report writing I’ve been busy with I took a break for a stroll beside the canal near my house. Guess what I spotted near the water? A female swan sitting on a nest. I can’t wait to see the babies!

Share what you did and see if you can answer the blog question.

Blog Question: Do you know what a baby swan is called?

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