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Today, the children in Willow Class witnessed an historic event. I’ll leave the children to explain more in their own words;

“Tim Peake  has trained to be a astronaut. On Tuesday 15th December. Tim peake  set off to space in the soyuz  rocket. He is going to the international space station. The time when he set off was 11:05. The rocket will attach to the space station when he gets there.” Olivia Harvey.

“Tim Peake is a astronaut.  He is going to the International Space Station today. Tim Peake  is going because he wants to learn how humans can stay in space. He is going in a rocket called the Soyuz rocket.” Keira Henry.

“Tim Peake is in the soyuz rocket   to go to the international space station. Tim peake set  off from  a place near Russia. He’s the first person from England to go to space. He went on the Tuesday 15th December 2015. He went with a Russan man and a US man. He’s an astronaut. Tim peake took off at 11:03am  he’s going because he want’s to learn about how people wood live in space.” Reilly Simpson.


Just a few moments ago, the European Space Agency has just confirmed that the Soyuz rocket has successfully docked with the International Space Station. We wish him all the best in his important work!

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