Aurora Borealis

Posted by brakefieldm on Tuesday Nov 15, 2016 Under Uncategorized

This week in Willow Class we have been learning about the Aurora Borealis, (or the Northern Lights) which is a spectacularly colourful light show visible in the night skies of Lapland. Using soft oil pastels, the children have created their own pictures of the Aurora and the results have been magnificent. Take a look at the photographs below and see for yourself.

DSCF9453 DSCF9454DSCF9455
Blog Challenge: If you were going on a journey in search of the Aurora Borealis, what would you pack in your rucksack?


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  1. Mr Bright Says:

    These look amazing Willow class! Well done. The colours seen at the Northern Lights are amazing. You looked like you really enjoyed this lesson – great art work!

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