A little visitor???

Posted by brakefieldm on Tuesday Dec 6, 2016 Under Uncategorized

Someone has been making mischief in Willow Class this week and it isn’t one of the children (nor me for that matter!) There has been silly soap sprayed on our window and raisins poured all over one of our tables. Some children have suggested it could be a mischievous elf but others are not convinced. I took a picture of the classroom last night and caught something mysterious lurking. Can you see the elf?



Blog Challenge: What do you think our little visitor wants?

2 Responses to “A little visitor???”

  1. christhom Says:

    Henry thinks that the weird, strange, odd Elf wants to have some fun

  2. Mrs Varley Says:

    The elfs look very mischievous. I think they like to be in willow class with the good children.

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