The Great Fire of Green Lane

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This afternoon, the children in Willow Class were transported to Pudding Lane, London, 1666, to witness the most horrific fire in Britain’s long history. The fire started in a baker’s shop owned by Thomas Farynor, after he left the oven burning while he went to sleep. When he discovered the fire, Mr Farynor tried desperately to put on the flames but it was too late. The raging fire quickly spread to neighbouring buildings and then further to much of the old city. Thousands of houses were destroyed and untold numbers of people lost their lives (though only 6 death were recorded.)

DSCF8562        DSCF8563

DSCF8565        DSCF8573

DSCF8575        DSCF8578

It was amazing to see how quick the fire spread through the houses but why did it spread so quickly?

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